Rael is asking Brigitte Boisselier
to launch the creation of artificial wombs

February 25, 2003

His Holiness RAEL, founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, has just asked Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, who is in charge of the CLONAID project and who has announced the birth of the first 5 cloned babies, to create a new company involved in the development of 'artificial wombs'.

His Holiness RAEL, who is also Brigitte Boisselier's spiritual guide and had set up a team that built a cloning machine which is currently exposed in a Museum in London, has asked her to set up a team that will be in charge of launching a project called "SURROGAID" whose main goal will be to create the first artificial womb that will be called "BABYTRON". This artificial womb will allow parents who wish to have a child through cloning to no longer worry about the needto have a surrogate mother.

"BABYTRON" will enable the growth of a child, cloned or not, from its conception to birth and this, entirely in a machine that will provide the foetus with all the nutritional elements and the stimuli required for its development. Then, the machine will also allow the growth of completely new animals and ultimately, the growth of entirely synthetic human beings such as the ones that were once created by the Elohim when they created the first humans.

If you are a scientist and you would like to join the Babytron-Team for this revolutionary project then please send your resume/CV to email us